We have been specializing in passenger transport for many years. During this time we have completed hundreds of orders, both for companies and institutional clients, as well as for private individuals. Thanks to this experience, we can now prepare an ideal offer for everyone.

The basic classification of passenger transport is:

  • occasional transport,
  • regular transport.

In the case of occasional passenger transport, the offer is prepared after a thorough interview with the customer. Companies and institutions most often order in such cases:

  • transport to conferences,
  • transport to the trade fair,
  • airport transfers,
  • services for corporate events,
  • rides to cultural events.

Private customers are looking for transport services in the following situations:

  • services for special events,
  • transport service of weddings
  • trips to concerts
  • trips to matches and other sporting events

As a rule, the price of such trips is calculated on the basis of the rate per kilometre of the driven route. These rates vary depending on the car you choose. You can find them by browsing our fleet in the Transportation of Passengers section. Please note that the final price may be affected, for example, by the need to reach a pick-up point and then return. The best way to know the full cost is to contact our office directly. During the interview, our employees will ask for all important details about the organization of the trip. We can then prepare an accurate calculation of the cost of passenger transport. We are also able to offer solutions that will lower the final price.

Permanent or regular passenger transport is usually ordered by companies. The most common types of trips are as follows:

  •  transport of employees,
  • a standing order for airport transfers,
  • transport services for managers.

Also in such cases we approach the valuation in an individual way. For the purpose of preliminary understanding of the costs, it is worth checking the prices indicated for individual cars on the subpage - Transportation of persons / Fleet.