Is it possible to order transport of people outside Poland?

We do not limit our transport services to the territory of Poland. If you organize a trip to a concert abroad, or if you want to pick up your employees from the airport in Berlin, we can of course help you. We provide passenger transport throughout Europe.

Do your cars have current technical inspections?

All our cars have current technical inspections. The average age of our car fleet is 2.5 years. The law obliges us to do...

Is there any limit to the length of the route?

We are able to take on any task. Therefore, we do not specify a kilometre limit for a passenger transport order.

Are your drivers qualified?

All our drivers have the necessary qualifications to drive the vehicles they drive. In addition, they undergo periodic checks, which are required by law. This is the formal part of the requirements they have to meet. Important and necessary, but not the only one.